The Ultimate Showdown: Back Market vs Reebelo in the World of Refurbished Electronics

Are you in the market for a new device or appliance but don't want to break the bank? With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose which platform to purchase from. Two popular sites that have been making waves recently are Back Market and Reebelo. Both offer affordable products while also promoting sustainability by giving electronics a second life. But what sets them apart? In this article, we'll compare Back Market vs Reebelo and help you determine which one is right for your needs!

What is Back Market?

Back Market is an online marketplace that offers a variety of refurbished electronic devices to customers. The company was founded in France back in 2014, and it has since grown to become one of the leading platforms for buying and selling used electronics.

One of the things that sets Back Market apart from other similar services is its commitment to quality. All products sold on the platform go through a rigorous certification process before they are offered for sale, ensuring that customers always receive high-quality items that have been thoroughly tested and inspected.

Another unique feature of Back market is its focus on sustainability. By promoting the reuse and recycling of electronic devices, the company helps reduce waste and carbon emissions. This makes it an excellent option for environmentally conscious consumers who want to make ethical purchasing decisions.

Back market provides an easy-to-use platform for buying and selling refurbished electronics while also prioritizing quality assurance and environmental responsibility.

What is Reebelo?

Reebelo is a platform that offers refurbished electronic products to customers in Singapore and Australia. The company was founded in 2018 by two French entrepreneurs who recognized the need for affordable and sustainable electronics.

The brand's mission is to provide consumers with high-quality, pre-owned devices at a fraction of the price of new ones while reducing e-waste. They offer laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets from top brands such as Apple and Samsung.

One unique feature of Reebelo is their commitment to sustainability. Their refurbishment process involves thorough testing, cleaning, repairing or replacing any faulty parts which helps reduce electronic waste.

Moreover, Reebelo provides customers with up to six months warranty on all their products giving users peace of mind when buying refurbished tech gadgets.

Back Market vs Reebelo : Face to Face Price & More

                        Back Market                              Reebelo
Key Features                      1 Year warranty
———-Free standard shipping
———–Free 30 days returns
                      1 Year warranty
————free standard shipping
————-free 30 days returns
Refurbished Products             1854 iPhones start at $65
——–5000 Mac books start at $154
——–361 iPad starting price at $90
——–361 Apple Watch starts at $87
——-361 gaming console starts at $39
               980 iPhones start at $50
———1500 Mac books start at $190
———90 iPad starting price at $100
———70 Apple Watch starts at $78
———60 Gaming console starts at $19

When it comes to buying refurbished electronics, there are plenty of options on the market. However, Back Market stands out as a top choice for several reasons.

Firstly, Back Market offers a wider range of products than Reebelo. From laptops and smartphones to game consoles and earbuds, they have everything you need in one place.

Secondly, their quality control process is rigorous and ensures that all products meet high standards before being sold. This means you can trust that your purchase will be reliable and long-lasting.

Finally, Back Market has an excellent customer service team that is always ready to assist with any issues or questions. They care about their customers' satisfaction and work hard to make sure everyone has a positive experience shopping with them.

In short, if you're looking for affordable yet high-quality refurbished electronics from a trustworthy source with great customer service – look no further than Back Market!

Products Range : Back Market vs Reebelo

Back Market offers a wide range of refurbished electronic products that are as good as new. From smartphones to laptops, cameras to gaming consoles, Back Market has it all. One can find an extensive collection of iPhones with different storage capacities and colors at affordable prices.

                              Back Market                                               Reebelo
                                      iPhones                                           Android Phones
                                     MacBook                                                iPhones
                                     AirPods                                           Electric scooter
                                       iMac                                      Earphones & Headphones
                               Android Phones                                               Smart Tv's
                                    Laptops                                            Home Appliances
                               Apple Watches                                                 MacBook
                                   Earphones                                                 Cameras
                                 Headphones                                                   Drones
                                Home Theatre                                                   Tablets
                  Electric Bike, Scooter, Hoverboards                                               Apple Watches
                                       Camera                                               Smart Watches
                                 Chrome Books                                                    Laptops
                               Home Appliances
                                     Smart Tv


Wheras, Reebelo's product range is nothing short of impressive. From smartphones to laptops, cameras to gaming consoles, and even household appliances – they have it all! Their commitment to sustainability shines through the fact that each product sold on their platform has been inspected and refurbished by certified technicians before being put up for sale. This ensures that customers receive high-quality products at a fraction of the cost while also contributing towards reducing e-waste. Additionally, Reebelo offers a warranty on every purchase made through them which further instills confidence in their customers.

Trade In – Back Market

One thing that stand out between both is that Back Market offer trade In a revolutionary concept that allows you to trade in your old electronics for cash or store credit. Not only does this help you clear out clutter, but it also makes upgrading to newer technology more affordable.

With Back Market Trade In, the process is simple and hassle-free. You can visit their website and select the device you want to trade-in, answer a few questions about its condition, and receive an instant quote. If you accept the offer, simply ship your device using their prepaid label.

The best part? Back Market takes care of everything else! They will inspect your device upon arrival and ensure it's accurately assessed based on its condition. Once approved, they will issue payment via PayPal or store credit if preferred.

Trading in with Back Market not only benefits you financially but also helps reduce e-waste by giving devices a second life through refurbishment and resale. So next time you're ready for an upgrade or looking to get rid of old devices lying around – consider trading in with Back Market!

But on the other hand, Reebelo Did not offer any of the Trade In Offer that make Back Market one step ahead of his competition.

Customer Services : Back Market vs Reebelo

When it comes to buying refurbished electronics, customer service is key. Back Market and Rebeelo both offer competitive prices on high-quality refurbished devices, but how do their customer service experiences compare?

Back Market prides itself on its “stellar” customer support team, Offering buyers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty on all purchases. They also have a chat feature that allows customers to quickly reach out for assistance.

                                      Back Market                                         Reebelo
                                      1 Year Warranty                                      Free Shipping
                                      30 days return                                      30 days Return
                               Free Standard Shipping                                       1 Year Warranty
                            Transparent Grading System                                 Physical Grading System

Rebeelo takes a personal approach to customer service, offering one-on-one consultations with tech experts who can help buyers find the perfect device for their needs. They also offer a 1-year warranty on all products.

Both companies aim to provide top-notch customer service and make purchasing refurbished devices an easy and enjoyable experience. However, which company's approach resonates more with you may depend on your individual preferences and needs as a buyer.

Sum Up

To sum up, both Back market and Reebelo offer great products and services for consumers who are looking to purchase refurbished electronics. However, they have some key differences that may make one a better fit than the other depending on your specific needs.

If you're looking for a wider range of products and competitive prices, Back market might be the way to go. On the other hand, if you value local customer support and environmental sustainability, then Reebelo could be a perfect choice.

Ultimately, it's important to do your own research and consider what factors matter most to you before making a decision between these two options. Regardless of which one you choose though, purchasing from either Back market or Reebelo is not only cost-effective but also an environmentally conscious choice in today's world.